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GRITDAILY: DCentral – Miami: Paula Reina (Founder)

The Grit Daily Startup Show, hosted by Sebastian Rusk, is a podcast not to be missed! This week’s episode features guest Paula Reina from Audiochain, a music sync licensing platform for businesses and creators to connect together for transactions with sync licensing clearance. Through Audiochain, a tool as a platform is created for creators and artists to do business without a middle man, and royalties are allocated directly from the fan to the owner of the song. Credit is collected instantly with the blockchain, versus through external sources, which can take up to 3 months. Paula advices creators to make sure to own their own masters, as in the past too many lawsuits have happened where artists did not get their fair share. Tune in to the Grit Daily Startup Show and gain valuable insight into Audiochain and the music industry!


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