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  • What is Audiochain
    Born in 2016 in San Francisco, CA., Audiochain is a music blockchain ecosystem with primary tools geared for music rights, music NFTs marketplace and music sync licensing (website/dApp). The premise of Audiochain is to provide complete music management via blockchain to music rights holders for transparency and control of their musical works. This leads to faster sync licensing and royalty collection. The tools we have developed are based on a problematic traditional system that have been improved with the advent of blockchain technology. Thus, Audiochain will solve problems that have been festering through the past and present times.
  • Can I use Audiochain if I'm a music creator?
    Of course! You are the #1 reason why Audiochain was created! We want you to have the control to manage your music rights with proper tools for you to scale your music career. These tools consist of a music rights management database, ability to sell your music via streaming or downloads through NFTs, sell your merch and much more. You should be able to distribute your music directly to a platform and Audiochain will provide that.
  • I love listening to music! Can I use Audiochain too?
    Yes you can! Without you, who would listen the music from all the amazing music creators of the world? Audiochain will be FREE to register for ALL music listeners! Once on the Audiochain platform, you can browse all artists and support them directly by listening to their music and purchasing cool NFTs that will bring amazing unlockable surprises. As you discover new and existing artists, look out for cool incentives they may promote to reward you, the fans. Without you, there would be no music industry!
  • Can I use Audiochain if I'm a business?
    Yes! Audiochain provides tools for businesses to transact peer-to-peer with music creators for pre-cleared and faster music sync licensing. All music creators will have the ability to mint a Music Rights NFT™ for transparency and ownership and provide licensing for your business on the blockchain.
  • What Crypto wallet do I need for purchases on Audiochain?
    Good question. Audiochain's in-app wallet is Metamask. We are, however, adding a secondary wallet –– TBA.
  • What is Blockchain Technology and NFTs?
    Simply put, the blockchain is a digital peer-to-peer ledger that records all transactions. You might think "this is it"? No! The innovating nature of blockchain is that all the transactions are un-editable, decentralized from a central authority and you can transact directly with ANYONE you wish. NFT's are a by-product of the blockchain. They are deployed via smart contracts that allow you to authenticate and provide transparent ownership on the blockchain for digital and physical assets. These may be collectables, a one-of-a-kind rare item and other unique goods and services you may think of. The Sky's The Limit with NFTs! NTT's (None-Transferrable Tokens) are also a by-product of the blockchain. Unlike NFT's, they will not be able to be re-sold or transferred to anyone else. Why? Because they represent a unique individual representation of identity such as a passport, driver licensing, diplomas and the likes.
  • I'm new to the music business and blockchain. Will you provide coaching?
    We understand that the music business can be tough, and throughout the decades, we have seen music creators/artists new to the music industry with no proper music business knowledge. Thus, we want to prepare you with knowledge by providing monthly workshops via AMA's (Ask Me Anything) for you to prepare yourself with the basic fundamentals of the music business so you are armed with knowledge to control your music and work closely with your team. Remember, this is the music BUSINESS. Knowing the basics will help you out of sticky situations that can be avoided with the basic knowledge of the music industry. We suggest for you to also take time to study on your own and continue to evolve!
  • We are a music label/Publisher. Can we use Audiochain?
    Record labels are welcome to use Audiochain. You can create your own roster NFT marketplace and have access to the music rights database for your catalogs. Music Publishers can also benefit from using our tools. Whether it's authenticating music on the blockchain or for faster music licensing clearance and direct sync licensing.
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