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Audiochain™ is a music software platform for music creators, their fans as well as businesses.

A place for artists to have the control and transparency when it comes to the ownership of their music and how it's transacted. We are solving 3 core issues by bringing the following solutions:

Decentralized Music Rights Authentication, Direct Pre-Cleared Music Sync Licensing & Sample Clearance and a Marketplace for real-world utilities and fan engagement opportunities.


When you use any of Audiochain's software tools, YOU control everything and we don't take any of your publishing, music NFT sells and sync licensing royalties.

We will bring new ways to engage in the new digital music world with intuitive virtual software and tools to assist you on scaling your music business to a creator-to-consumer approach. We also understand protecting your art is important. Thus, we are implementing AI Machine Learning algorithms to detect fraudulent double-spending. With our Music Rights NFT™, we are bringing complete utility for music rights as a whole.

We are giving the control back to the creators. Controlled by you. At your fingertips.

Let's Decentralized The Music Industry

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